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Prague Tourist Attractions

Prague is the capital city of the country of Czech Republic and is home to various cultural attractions and also picturesque landscapes. The city is a major commercial centre for the country and also for Europe. It is filled with cultural landmarks which depict its rich heritage and also the culture f the country. The Prague Airport (which is officially known as Prague Ruzyne International Airport) is the main airport of the city of Prague. It is situated at the North West part of the city of Prague and the Prague Airport Attractions are quite clear to understand when one visits this busy airport.

The Prague Airport Attractions can be listed as follows –

The Prague Airport

The Prague Airport is also considered to be a popular attraction for the tourists from all around the world for the excellent architecture and also the infrastructure. The list of Prague Airport Attractions does not end here and it also includes places near to the airport. The two main terminals namely Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are both parts of the North Terminal of the airport and it mainly handles the maximum traffic along with the terminal 3 and 4. The list of Prague Airport Attractions has to include the main area of the airport which has a huge capacity which is a major reason for its popularity and growing infrastructure. The new runway is going to be 11,483 ft long and it will be located about 4900 ft away from the current runway. The plan is to equip the runway with a category III ILS. This system will help in landing and takeoff of the aircraft under bad weather conditions. This has further boosted these facilities to be included in the Prague Airport Attractions which is a further advantage in case of increasing the tourism of this beautiful country.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle was created nearly a thousand years ago and since it has been the home to the monarchs and royals of the country. In the modern times, it has served as the residence of the Czech presidents and was the ruling point of the country. It is the centre of cultural heritage for the country and it is also successful in attracting the tourists from all around the world who are in awe of the royal structure of Power which stands proud against the test of time.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is one of the most commonly used bridges in the country right from the time it was created in the year 1357. This pedestrian only bridge is one of the rare ones left in the world and is a major tourist attraction in the country. It is considered romantic by various visitors and is also a major subject for the artists of this city. The Charles Bridge is a gorgeous, historically significant and instantly-recognized Prague attraction and as it is quite close to the Prague International Airport, it is one of the most significant Prague Airport Attractions.

Wenceslas Square

The Wenceslas Square was built in the reign of King Charles and it still stands as the mark of cultural heritage in the Czech. It is also a major tourist spot of the country and its proximity to the airport has made it a major Prague Airport Attractions. It is one of the most famous spots of the country as it depicts the culture and craftsmanship of the contemporary society. The Prague Airport Attractions are a major part of the tourism scene in Prague and they account for a major number of footfalls in case of the tourists.