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Prague Airport Buses

The capital city of the Czech Republic and also the largest city of the country, Prague is situated on the banks of the Vltava River. The warm summers and chilly winters are always experienced at this beautiful city. The city has gained proper prominence for being not only the economic centre of the European Union but also as a significant political and cultural center. A wide spectrum of cultural attractions can be witnessed here. The Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and many more are some of the attractions that can be seen in the city. A large number of Theatres, galleries, museums, etc are also present here. The transport system of the city makes Getting to Prague Airport and other attractions quite easily for the tourists and also the natives.

The Airport

The Prague Ruzyne International Airport is the major airport of this city and is also considered to be one of the most important airports of Europe as it is the airport of a city which works as a major commercial centre for the world. It is quite easy Getting to Prague Airport as the city is well connected by the transport system of the city and thus, the tourists face no problem in getting from one place to another in this legendary city.

The bus service

Its main airport, Ruzyne Airport, is Prague’s' only international airport and is situated 10 miles northwest of the city. Regular buses leave the arrivals building and take thirty minutes to the city centre. This makes the process of Getting to Prague Airport very easy for the natives as well as the visitors from other places.

Booking Tickets

For the airport bus from the city centre of Prague, you no longer have to pay the driver but you must get your ticket from an office which is just outside the arrivals hall. As you come out on to the forecourt you will see a meeting point directly in front of you and the ticket office is to your left in the corner.

Advantage of the Bus Service

The bus services are the best ways of getting to Prague airport as the whole city are well connected by the bus service and thus, it is not a problem to get to the airport from any part of the city.

Thus, the bus services are mainly use in case of getting to the Prague Airport by both the tourists and also the natives.